Madammay / Hong Chubby
May Hsu, the director herself, has brought Madammay’s elegance into the world since 2003. The brand is now a well-known fashion brand, which has been translated into classic and tailored style, based on its distinctive and high-end identity. Following the fashion trends with simple yet fine tailoring, Madammay’s clothes are designed to make our customers stand out and shine on all kinds of occasions. The brand’s timeless aesthetic is portrayed in its collections, are always favored by modern women profoundly. In 2007, May’s second brand ‘Hong Chubby’ was introduced. Merging fun prints with vital vibes and textures to blend youthfulness with fashion, Hong Chubby combines earthly elegance with out-of-this-world colors and avant-garde design. With wide-ranging references, the brand embodies as well chic sophistication and classic innovation and style. Our customers are encouraged to live boldly and dress without limits.

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R-T-W Womenswear

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May Hsu

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