In 2020, the founder of Xia Xiaoqin JEAN HSIA's own brand "AISH" was born. It focuses on high-end handmade uniforms, using imported fabrics from Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, and one stitch and one thread fine hand-stitched suit jackets, suit vests, etc. , Create a unique handmade charm. Interpreting the uniqueness with details, the attitude of tailoring, the creative spirit of traditional and handmade beauty presents a brand-new gorgeous and elegant character reversal. Aroused from the origin of A-ARTIST becoming his own artist, people's original intention for clothing
A — artist Every woman can be her own artist. I — impressive, low-key, quiet and impressive. S — strong, determined and fearless. H — hanker, as a practitioner who pursues dreams. Ti, in order to create unique works; not easily let go of their own in order to AISH many women love the most perfect work, "says designer - Xia Xiaoqin

Brand Info.

Product Category

R-T-W Womenswear

Brand Style


Year of Establishment


REP. Designer

Bella Hsia

Participate Year

2021(SS22), 2022(AW22), 2023



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AISH AW23- Vancouver Fashion Week