PSYKHME cooperates with EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE org. Our project is aimed at promoting the development, particularly of the handicraft sector. These jewelry pieces are manufactured by the teenagers rescued from the streets in Cambodia. All the jewelry is made from landmine and bomb shell metal, placed by different governments and factions during the Civil War in Cambodia in the 1970s and 1980s. The metal is recycled and endowed with a new meaning"War can't kill love. Love can kill war". We also use silk fabric which is handmade by local family in Koh Dach island and recycled coconut shell to create our jewelry. In this way we maintain the tranditional handicraft and fulfill the goal of sustainability.

Picupi International Co., Ltd. is the first online platform dedicated to promote ethical fashion and green life ideas to the public in Taiwan. Since August 2017, Picupi began to plan a zero-waste fashion pop up shop, and provide consumers with the option to create curated collections that mix an eclectic assortment of products from Taiwan's sustainable brand to deliver the message of “changing the world with consumption”.

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Mania Chen

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2020(SS21), 2021(AW21)

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